Around us

The house is located at an exceptional site for organizing shorter or longer excursions. At 30 minutes drive our guests will be able to visit: Lipica, Trieste, Koper, Gorica, Postojna. In one hour drive you can reach Ljubljana, Udine, Piran… In less than two hours you will be able to enjoy the beauties of Venice, of the Soča river, the Lake of Bled, large part of Istria…

At less than 20 km from the village you can enjoy the Sistiana beach resort, ride a horse or play golf (Lipica). Pedestrian and bike routes start from the village. In the vicinity, there are several world renowned caves (Postojna cave, Škocjan cave, Grotta Gigante). Adrenalin addicts may take pleasure in the beauties of the Soča river– rafting, canyoning, kayaking, parachuting, flying by plane or paragliding.

Wine lovers will find an exceptional place to discover the best Slovenian and Italian wines. Thanks to the vineyards that are grown all around the house we can drink Teran, a special sort of red wine which used to be taken as medicine. The Valley of Vipava and the Goriška Brda, some of the most prized regions in Slovenia, are not far from the village. At only 10 km from the village, in the neighboring Italy, lies the Village of Prosecco from which the distinguished sparkling wine originates. The famous dry Slovenian ham (Karst prosciutto) is being produced there, in the Karst region. Our guests will be able to visit several places on the Karst Plateau where this exquisite produce of this area is being cured. The vicinity of the Adriatic Sea guarantees that you will enjoy the taste of good fish and other seafood.

If you don’t care for anything we are suggesting, you can simply stay at home, enjoy yourself relaxing in the courtyard or have a barbeque, prepare some jam from locally grown fruit or make preserves for the winter. You can talk to the neighbours and learn how they live and share with them a glass of Teran or home-made brandy.